Bank of America Routing Numbers

By | June 14, 2021
Routing Number Bank of America – Today, In this article we are sharing complete details information about Bank of America Routing Numbers, routing number bank of america, routing number for bank of america, bofa routing number, bank of america aba number, boa routing number.
Bank Of America is a kind of public bank which was founded in 17th October 1974. This is almost 111 years ago. Founded by Amadeo Giannini, this is one of the most famous multinational banks which provides various financial services to its consumers.
Its headquarters is located in Charlotte, North America and offers multiple unique facilities and services to its consumers. The popularity and ranking of this bank are quite high since it has been mentioned as the second-largest bank holding company in the United States based upon its asset value, respectively. This bank is so popular with its services and features that it was placed as the second-largest company as mentioned by Forbes in  2010.

About Bank of America ABA Number

Bank of America has almost around 5100 banking centres and 16300 ATMs all around the United States. In addition to these, the bank also provides seamless banking facility over mobile banking platforms for its consumers too. The bank also offers various kinds of loans and financial support to people who needs to obtain a mortgage loan for purchasing homes or any other similar asset.

Bank of America Routing Numbers

However, this bank is quite famous for providing the largest consumers banking facility to its consumers and various business propaganda for financial services. This bank has been competing quite hard with different other banks in the United States so that it can stand out in the crowd without any hassle!

Some of the key points regarding the boa routing number are as follows:

  1. Its headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC.
  2. The bank has a higher amount of fees as compared to other banks.
  3. Savings bank account rates are lower than most other banks.
  4. You can open a checking account, which also provides a lower rate than most other banks.
  5. However, this bank has the maximum number of branches all around the United States than most other banks.
  6. This bank has a lesser number of ATMs per state if compared with other banks.

What is a BOA routing number?

A routing number is a unique 9-digit code which is provided by the American Bankers Association which is used to identify a financial institution during a transaction. The four digits refer to the Federal Reserve identifiers. The first two digits denote which district the bank account belongs to, and the next two denotes which Federal Reserve cheque processing centre has been assigned to your bank.

The next four numbers are used to recognise your bank since all banks have unique identification numbers similar to checking accounts. The final number is the cheque digit. In this article find out details information about bank of america routing number, routing number bank of america, routing number for bank of america.

Bank of America Routing Number State Wise

State / RegionPaper Electronic TransactionsWire Transfer
Florida, East063000047063100277026009593
Florida, West063100277063100277026009593
Illinois – South081904808081904808026009593
Illinois – North071000505071000505026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro071103619081904808026009593
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008)051000017051000017026009593
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008)081904808081904808026009593
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008)051000017051000017026009593
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008)081904808081904808026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis081000032081000032026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City101000035081000032026009593
New Hampshire011400495011400495026009593
New Jersey021200339021200339026009593
New Mexico107000327107000327026009593
New York021000322021000322026009593
North Carolina053000196053000196026009593
North Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Rhode Island011500010011500010026009593
South Carolina053904483053904483026009593
South Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Texas, North111000025111000025026009593
Texas, South113000023111000025026009593
Washington DC054001204054001204026009593
West Virginia051000017051000017026009593

Above table shows the routing number for bank of america state wise. If you have any query you can comment on below mention box to get more information about the bank of america routing number.

BOFA Routing Number Info

Finding the Bank of America routing number is quite hassle-free now. You need to sign in to the Online Banking website of your bank and select your desired account. Thus, clicking on the Information and Services tab will navigate you to your routing number for Bank of America.

In case you have problem accessing the web and eventually have trouble getting access to the online banking services or you do not happen to have any idea which state your bank account was created then contact the customer service of the bank and they will surely guide you and provide you with all of the details regarding to your routing number Bank of America. The BOFA routing number is a 9-digit code which is located at the left bottom side of a cheque which is provided by the bank itself.

The Bank of America Wire Routing Numbers is referred to those types of transfers where the transfer is done electronically to move fund via wire such as SWIFT, Federal Reserve Wire Network or Clearing House Interbank Payments System. To send funds through this wiring system, you must sign in to online banking and click on the tab which says send money to an account or someone else.

Conclusion Bank of America Routing Numbers

However, if you are not comfortable enough or do not happen to know about the online banking facilities the bank provides its consumers with, you can always apply for an appointment at a local branch of any Bank Of America.

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