Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number

By | June 14, 2021

Do you have a savings account in Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank? Are you not able to find the Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number? If so, then you have reached the right place. You need to have the transit number of each of the bank account to transfer funds from one bank account to another.

There are various ABA routing transit numbers for Toronto Dominion Bank, which you will find in the table below. If you have recently joined up with this bank and made a new account here, then we will explain to you the various working procedures of the Toronto Dominion Bank and also explain to you what the TD Bank Routing Number is all about.

Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number Information

Toronto Dominion Bank, also abbreviated as TD bank, is financial service cooperation. There are three headquarters for this bank located in Toronto, Canada, and Ontario, respectively. This is one of the leading multinational Canadian banks situated in the vicinities of North America.

Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number

This bank falls under the top 10 banks in the whole of North America. TD Bank is also known as TD Bank Group. They were introduced to the public in the year 1955 with Bharat Masrani as its present CEO. Forbes has ranked the TD bank as number 19th in the whole world. These group of banks also have their respective TD routing number.

The TD group of banks has a total of 22 million consumers from all around the world, and the employment rate is 85000. A small group of businessmen started this Toronto Dominion Bank in the vicinities of Western Canada, which at that time involved various other services such as milling, buying, and even seed grain marketing.

Where to Find Routing Number TD Bank ?

Later on, with some progression in time, various other services such as Insurance, Banking Financial Services, and exchange of commodities started taking place. It is one of the most conservative and profitable banks of the century. Its first branch was established in the year 1860 in Montreal.

Two banks at that time, namely, Bank of America and Toronto Dominion, announced that they would sign an agreement to get the MBNA Canada’s Credit Card Business, which was worth 8.5 billion dollars. Later in June, a new type of access card, along with the usage of Interac Flash Card, was established by the TD Canada Trust, which allowed the consumers to use their mobile phones or online computer to make various transactions through VISA network. There are different types of for either personal consumers or business consumers. The various types of bank accounts are as follows:

  • Student Savings Account
  • Individual Retirement Account
  • Personal Account
  • Business Account
  • Money Market Account

Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number

Following are different state wise TD Routing Number, Toronto Dominion Routing Number information can find out from here.

 011400071 New Hampshire
 011103093 Connecticut
 021302567 New York-Upstate Newyork or former Bank north customers
 031201360 Delaware/New Jersey
 026013673 Metro NYC
 067014822 Florida
 211370545 Massachusetts/Rhode Island
 011600033 Vermont
 036001808 Pennsylvania
 053902197South Carolina/North Carolina

TD Bank Routing Number Find out Here

Account-holders get access to their own Toronto Dominion Bank Routing Number from the respective branches after they have opened their account. The bank itself was first established in Canada. Some of the other groups of TD banks are as follows:

  • TD Canada Trust
  • TD Securities
  • TD Wealth
  • MBNA Canada
  • TD Automobile Finance
  • Symcor

The TD group of banks has tied some bonds with various outsourcing partners such as iGate, G4S Cash Solutions, and Symcor.

What are TD Bank Routing Numbers?

The TD Bank Financial Group is a well-known as an established member of Canada Deposit Insurance Cooperation and Canadian Bankers also has membership with VISA international, Plus Network for VISA Cards, and NYCE ATM Network.


Routing numbers are also known as Transit Numbers. If you are confused about where to find the routing number for TD bank, then you need not panic anymore.

It is provided at the bottom of your cheque after the branch transit number, the financial institution number, and the designation number. The Toronto Dominion Routing Number is a unique 9-digit number that is used for various direct deposits, wire transfers, and electronic transactions.

For any domestic wire transfer, the TD Bank routing number is 031101266, which is valid for all states. In case of any confusion, you can dial up the customer service without any hassle.

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