What Is My USAA Routing Number?

By | June 14, 2021

USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number – Getting the correct routing number of USAA Federal Savings Bank is not much of a hassle anymore. It will help if you put in some time in obtaining the working code for the corresponding branch of the USAA routing number.

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USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number

Before starting with the main article, let us first obtain some knowledge of bank history and its functions. United Service Automobile Association Federal, also abbreviated as USAA, Federal Savings Bank, is one of the well-known financial service providers in the vicinity of Texas.

The presence of USAA bank routing numbers is mandatory since it is needed if any funds are to be transferred from one bank account to another. The main functionalities of the bank are to provide banking, investment, subsidiaries, and facilitate automobile insurance service to various US military families. The founder of this bank was 25 military officers with the primary aim of providing insurance to their automobiles. It was established in San Antonio, Texas.

USAA Routing Number

Over time, the bank happened to offer mortgage, property insurance, and financial planning services to its consumers, along with all of the banking services. Your transit number and routing number for USAA will be provided on the support section of the website. Find out more Routing Number of different bank.

USAA FSB Routing Number

The banking services were started in the year 1983. The main lobby of the bank is situated in Texas. A lot of its branches are spread across the major cities, even near various military bases. It has multiple financial centers all around the area. If any customer wants to open their account online, they will be provided with the necessary assistance without any hassle in the active opening or even closing of the same. The banking services can be used without any problem via mobile phones, e-mails, and also through the Internet.

USAA Bank Routing Number

USAA Federal Savings Bank also has its mobile application, which is available in the App Store, Android Playstore, and even in Windows Store. You can always keep up-to-date with your account credentials with the help of this application. This bank also provides some exciting features to its consumers such as a rebate on all ATM account up to $15 every month, free online bill payment as well as various other free banking services. The consumer can send various funds to other bank accounts with the help of the provided USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Number.

Routing Number for USAA

This bank also happens to provide health and life insurance services apart from the usual banking services. The discounts it offers for various shopping sites and retails store is also amusing! The significant benefit of using any services from this bank is that it provides auxiliary aids to disabled people and also provides accommodation based upon the American Disability Act.

Check USAA Routing Number State Wise

Following are details information about USAA Routing Number State wise.

USAA LocationUSAA Routing Number
District of Columbia314074269
New Hampshire314074269
New Jersey314074269
New Mexico314074269
New York314074269
North Carolina314074269
North Dakota314074269
Rhode Island314074269
South Carolina314074269
South Dakota314074269
West Virginia314074269

Find USAA FSB Routing Number

The ABA routing number for this bank is 314074269. Each institution has a unique routing number.  These numbers are required for transferring any funds across various bank accounts. You can easily find these routing numbers on your cheque and deposit slips likewise. The account holder’s name is situated on the top left corner of the check while the name of the financial institution is located on the lower-left corner. The cheque number is mentioned two times on the cheque. The unique 9-digit code is what is known as the USAA FSB Routing Number. The cheque number and the bank account number follow likewise. For international fund transfer and transactions, swift codes are used. However, USAA does not provide swift codes. Thus, make sure that you contact the receiving bank before making any international transactions.

A written application before making any fund transfer with USAA would help ease out the whole process. Every ABA number is provided on the bank’s official website. The USAA FSB Routing Number is beneficial for transferring any e-transfer, wire transfer, and even direct deposits made to the bank. However, there is no need for any other routing number in case of a wire transfer.

In case you have any further confusion regarding this issue, you can always contact their customer service to know more about any of the details regarding the USAA FSB Routing Number.

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