Wells Fargo Routing Numbers: You Should Check

By | June 14, 2021

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers for Direct Transfer – In this article, We are sharing complete details information about Wells Fargo Routing Number Online. Wells Fargo and Company is a famous and one of the most successful American Multinational Banking & Financial service company. Founded on 18th March 1852, it has been one of the most successful banks for almost 163 years in service. It is a public bank, and its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. There are, however, various other smaller branches spread throughout the country.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Although there are many other leading banks located with the U.S, Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number is supposedly the most popular amongst them being the third-largest bank in the U.S. it has a great asset value and has also been mentioned as one of the largest banks by the market capitalisation.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Check Online

Before continuing further, let us first discuss what Wells Fargo routing number is all about.

Some of the core services of Wells Fargo Bank are as follows:

  1. The location of the headquarters is in Sioux Falls, which allows the ease of facilitating global consumers with the necessary services.
  2. The charges are much lower than any other bank.
  3. The bank has higher checking rates than others in comparison.
  4. If you are confused about opening a new account in Wells Fargo, you need not panic since this bank allows am much lower savings account rate than most other banks.
  5. Lots of branches are located in every state.
  6. There is a lesser number of ATMs per state in comparison to other banks.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

You might have confusions regarding the issue of how to check bank routing number in Wells Fargo. This is the most common question any individual has. Every person should have a clear concept about how ABA Wells Fargo routing number since the bank is much similar to Chase Bank and provides various services to help out their consumers in accordance with their needs.

Wells Fargo routing number is a unique 9-digit code which is found at the bottom of a cheque and is very different than a usual account number. It is also known as Transit Number, or ABA number and SWIFT codes are used by the consumers to transfer money from one account to any other or even to maintain the account.

The following are the Routing Number of Wells Fargo Bank. More can be found here.

StateRouting NumberStateRouting Number
Alabama062000080New Hampshire121042882
Alaska125200057New Jersey021200025
Arizona122105278New Mexico107002192
Arkansas111900659New York026012881
California121042882North Carolina053000219
Colorado102000076North Dakota091300010
District of Columbia054001220Oregon123006800
Georgia061000227Rhode Island121042882
Hawaii121042882South Carolina053207766
Idaho124103799South Dakota091400046
Iowa073000228Texas – El Paso112000066
Maryland055003201West Virginia121042882
Minnesota091000019American Samoa121042882
Mississippi062203751North Mariana Islands121042882
Missouri121042882Puerto Rico121042882
Montana092905278Virgin Islands121042882
Nebraska104000058American Forces Abroad121042882

Bank Routing Number Wells Fargo

The routing number is unique and has its own set of advantages when it is compared with a savings account, prepaid cards, IRAs, lines of credit and also for various wire transfers. Wells Fargo has this unique number created for multiple branches and the amount which you are entitled to be dependent upon the chapter your bank account belongs to. The 9-digit unique code can be found at the bottom down corner of your cheque without any hassle.

You can always contact the bank’s customer care number provided if you have trouble or any related issue with the routing number which has been provided to you. Also, if you have problems with your wire transfer facility, contact them. Usually, for a wire transfer, you need to use the transit number 121000248 for domestic wire transfers and WFBIUS65 for the international ones.

Wells Fargo Bank ABA Routing Transit Number

The features and services which Well Fargo Bank provides to its consumers are genuinely great, although, there are lots of similarities when it is compared with Chase Bank.

However, you can rest assured if you happen to choose Well Fargo bank the quality of services would be much more significant since this bank has long years of experience and provides a guarantee to every one of its customers.

The use of Wells Fargo routing number is quite advantageous when it comes to all sorts of wire transfers via online banking effectively.

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